Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some whiskey thoughts...

...So normally I wouldn't turn this into a personal blog, but I'm sort've drunk and thinking "fuck it", so let me get some things out. First off, don't ever take people for granted, especially when they help you in more ways than your mother ever did. Secondly, if they're not the right one, dopn't fucking date them, just keep waiting. You don't settle if you're not completely happy, especially if you do it just because you're feeling defeated. Finally, don't victimize yourself just because you're too lazy or scared to take responsibility for your shit or too cowardly to understand there are definite consequences for your actions. Everything you do affects someone, and you need to understand that. You are, in a distant way, responsible for someone's feelings so be careful with that! Ok, well now that my Jeremiah Weed is half way done it's a more appropriate time to say HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING JESUS RESURRECTION DAY, BITCHES.

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