Monday, April 19, 2010

Hierophants concepts and world

Nu-Khemite: Egypt in the year 3212. Life is filled with toil and social unrest. Those on the lowest social rung live in the slums on the outskirts of the city and are slaves for those higher up. The merchant and guildsmen classes thrive in the inner city. The cities, three distinct districts, nestle the Nile which has since reformed as a giant pool, in the center of which stands the gargantuan Obelisk. Those of great social standing live above the cities in three giant, floating pyramids. Only those of the most powerful standing and whom control Nu-Khemite reside in the Obelisk.

The Sky Pyramids: Three colossal pyramids that orbit the Obelisk. Each pyramid controls a correlating city below for the time it hovers above it (4 months at a time). Only the rich and powerful may live in the pyramids, and each pyramid ascends by rank as well. The Pyramid of Earth contains wealthy merchants and rich socialites, The Pyramid of the Sky houses politicians and The Pyramid of the Sun houses royalty.

The Obelisk: The central power corporation of Nu-Khemite. This is the power source of the country and everyone must obey its order. No one is certain of who runs it, but its power is never objected. The technology that grants the Khemites the ability to live in the desert comes directly from the inner workings of the Obelisk. Also, the genetic splicing and research that created the Demites is carried out within its confines.

Demites: Spliced beings composed of human genes and the blood of ancient deities. The demites are half-man, half-beast. There are two grades of demites: Demite, which is a creature with the head of a God and the body of a man, and Demetian, anthromorphized God beasts. Demetians are flukes in the Demite process and are therefore regarded as inferior by true Demites. Demites may reside in the pyramids, and are revered by many, but they cannot breed and must turn to the Obelisk in order to procreate. Demetians, soiled by man, live in the lower cities and have the capacity to breed (albeit it is difficult and there are many unsavory incidents with Demetian spawn).

The Hierophants: A group of revolutionaries whose goal is to topple Obelisk and regain control from the sky pyramids. They oppose Obelisk's dictatorship and the oppressive nature of the Sky Pyramids. They fight for the poor and abused and seek to cure the social injustice. They are led by two young girls, Hage and Udjat.

The Embalmers: A rival group of extremists and terrorists. They are known somewhat as an urban-legend, though the inner circles of the Pyramids fear mention of them regardless. Their goal is to usurp power from the mighty, though their reasons for doing so are unknown. They are led by Mael and Soso.

Artifacts: Ancient artifacts that still hold some power that was bestowed upon them by the Gods. Originally the artifacts were controlled by the Obelisk, but in a previous generation and unsuccessful revolution a few artifacts were stolen from Obelisk and lost again to the sands. It is rumored that they had been modified by Obelisk so that even man could wield the power of the Gods.

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