Monday, April 19, 2010

Comics: Finals idea

So I think I'll be revisiting the sci-fi Egypt story from last term.... Here's some stuff to lay it all out:

A misfit group of guerrillas struggle to overtake the oppressive Obelisk Corporation that controls nearly all of future-Egypt in a dystopian sci-fi thriller.

The Hierophants is the story of two young rebel leaders fighting for survival in a desert world run by the Obelisk Corp. Also vying for Obelisk's destruction is a rival guerrilla group, the Embalmers, who have more sinister goals. These two groups inhabit a searing world filled with slaves, royalty and even the Gods. One group battles for the poor, the other for ultimate power, but only one can control the Obelisk.

I want to do an 8-pg intro for this in full color, so I've gotta get cracking. I need some solid thumbs because I won't have much time to tweak page design and I don't want to spill over the allotted 8 pages. I also need to do some research into settings since I have no idea how sci-fi I want to take this.

I'm Kind've thinking of making the metropolitan areas of the cities themselves like Rabanastre from FF12 or like Agrahbah from Aladdin, but we'll see. I need to get some vehicle thumbs done though since I doubt future Egyptians travel via camel back or chariot.

Tentative timeline:

April 19: Get all main facets of story in place and defined ie: descriptions of everything.
April 21: Finish thumbs and design sketches
April 26: Have all pages sketched
April 30: At least 2 pages inked
May 18: All pages and cover inked
Final day: All pages colored and printed/stapled as a final copy

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