Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Proposal

Working Title: Hyaku Monogatari

Premise: The first chapter of a story involving all kinds of fiendish Japanese yokai, and the two friends who try to help one another understand their places in the human world. The first chapter will include how the two main characters, Katsu and Kuroshiro meet, and set up the boundaries of their relationship as they both set out to Osaka.

Specs: I'm going to traditionally ink the pages, but if time allows I do want to try and add at least a few tones in photoshop. The pages will be 8.5"x11" and approximately 22 pages long. Finishing touches will be done in photoshop, including text and bubbles.

Timeline: As of 04/19/12 I've completed the script as well as the thumbnails for all 22 pages. In order to complete the pages by the deadline, I'm going to try to pump out 4-5 a week...which may be suicide, but we'll see...


Natsum Yuujinchou

Okama- Hanafuda


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