Wednesday, February 3, 2010

some doodles

Alrighty, so my little world is set in some similar period to WW2, so it draws a lot of influence from that era.
These cheeky little fellows are gluttons, flabby, squat bastards that eat anything in site, but particularly like feasting on dead or dying things (like wounded soldiers) because their fat asses get tired of waddling after faster, healthier prey. There's a Hitler themed glutton 'cus I thought he would be cuter with a 'stache.
The ashers are inspired by the prisoners at Auschwitz. They're emaciated, gangly and some are even charred. I figure they spawn from ashes and after a while they sort've just crumble away. They're mainly annoying, not dangerous, but they scare the shit out of troops in the old country none the less.
Why are dogs in ushankas so damn cute? My dog hates his... Anyway, some little enviro thumbs. I suck at doing urban stuff, and decaying buildings aren't any easier for me. Ah well, looks like I've got to be persistent until I get the hang of 'em!

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